Bad Cat Boats Custom Frames & Hitman Bait Cure     

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                              How Bad Cat Got Started
     In 1991 Shawn purchased a pontoon boat from a local dealer. He started fabricating accessories to make his boat stronger and fish ready. He added a floor (at the time was unheard of) amongst other things. When he would arrive at the launch guys would ask him who makes that boat? Shawn was asked by a gentlemen if he would build him a boat just like it. So Shawn did and from there Shawn continued building pontoon boats. In 1993 he started Bad Cat River Boats out of Tillamook, Oregon . Shawn is 1 of only a handful of guys in the country to hold a certification in every department of construction and engineering. This took him 9 years to accomplish. Shawn builds each and every one of his boats because he has a sincere passion and love to do so. He spends allot of time with each and every customer 1 on 1 gathering information on what they need out of their boat. After that he spends countless hours fabricating the pontoon boat / cataraft of each customers dream. This is what sets Bad Cat appart from all the other companies out there.    


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